Ubi Franklin – “I attempted suicide several times three years ago”

by Jul 29, 2020News

Ubi Franklin, born Ubi Ekapong Ofem, is a Nigerian music artist manager, Entrepreneur, TV show host and the founder of record label Made Men Music Group.

Ubi Franklin has revealed he attempted suicide multiple times three years ago.

According to him, online bullying made him to be depressed.

He also added that he, “got bullied so much on Instagram in the last two years that he started getting depressed again.”

He advised that people should stop taking their lives. adding that, “suicide is never an option”

He said “I watched this video of IZU reading out his suicide note before he took his life and i remembered doing this several times 3 years ago unsuccessfully and I am here today.

“I got bullied so much on Instagram in the last two years that I started getting depressed again and this time I told myself “Ubi” who are these people talking about you? Do you know them or their families?


Written By Ebenezer Sheyi

Unserious sheyi is a poet, a writer who started blogging as a career in 2013 at sheymmansblog. He is also a social/digital media strategist who loves exploring the internet while finding new ways to make it a better place.

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