Ulkeenzy Assures her its Forever in “DADA”

by Sep 28, 2018Afro pop

↓Download “DADA” BY Ulkeenzy↓

Ulkeenzy is an Artiste with the lover boy mien and disposition as he serenades his love interest in this single he calls – “DADA” ; a romantic song that assures Nkechi of his love even through the storm and upheavals.

DADA resumes on a very touchy and catchy tone, with beats that sounded more like romantic highlife, then gradually picks up in crescendo and stays so while Ulkeenzy continues unabatedly in his quest to make his love convincing enough, a manner we could regard as Assurance.

I truly loved the subtle and consistent transitions that Ulkeenzy maintained all through the rendition, I specifically loved the flute-like tone that played in the background, giving the song all the gestures and character that tells of love and commitment.

The track was produced by Prince Nice, then mixed and mastered by Creativz ; with the duo putting their ingenuity to bring the song to the level that will enhance the enjoyment and entrainment of the listener. I really loved the sublime manner in Ulkeenzy jumped on the track, bringing his well layered and concise lyrics to the fore, with a sonorous voice so sensual and appealing. I truly felt the intensity and beauty of the vocals that lasted through the course of this rendition.

DADA is a nice effort and I daresay that Ulkeenzy has what it takes to claim his spot on top pf the food chain if consistency is his watch word, so go now and see and listen for yourself by downloading this track and also sharing it as well.

↓Download “DADA” BY Ulkeenzy↓

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  1. Ulkeenzy

    Nice one Ulkeenzy

  2. zallu

    I like that Dada by Ulkeenzy

  3. Obinna

    Ulkeenzy nwanne


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