VenomBarz Spit Hot Verses in “Used to this freestyles cover” and other Dope Verses

by Jul 7, 2018Cover Songs

VenomBarz is just another dope lyricist with poetic words and thoughts which he creatively transforms into music as can be seen in these trio of hot tracks with- “Used to this freestyles cover” leading the pack; listen to him stylishly takeover Future’s song and lyrically make it his.

In this cover, he rewrote the theme of the song, adding some hardcore twist to the whole mix, he kinda showed Drake who was featured by Future on this track, what true hip hop was. I loved his intro, the tempo of the song was all laid back and soothing even the punchy rhymes, the song packs was just out of the world and no holds barred.

↓Download Used to this freestyles cover by VenomBarz↓

What they Want Cover X Russ:

Then he follows this solo effort with yet another cool cover track- “What they Want”– where he stylishly features American hip-hop artist Russ, in a song that sees him toning down on the hardcore and going a little ragga in this slow tempo song that gets you in the mood, awakening your subconscious in the process. I truly felt the song and Russ himself would be amazed if he gets to hear this cover.

↓Download What they Want by VenomBarz X Russ↓

Na so the thing go feat Tha Suspect & The Rainer:

The last but not the least track here takes him back to his roots in a track that he titles Na so the tin go, and he features the duo of Tha Suspect and The Rainer. Here he takes his lyrical strength to heights only imagined and combines almost perfectly with the other two lyricists.

↓Download na so the tin go by VenomBarz X Tha Suspect & The Rainer↵

VenomBarz definitely shows what he’s got and took these cover songs to a whole new level almost owning them, albeit subtly but inherently real. Displaying all sides of him that confirms him a true artist, who’s real and ready to take the industry by storm via his immense talents, vigorous style and versatility which clearly makes him a unique product to explore, even as they industry reaches its saturation point.

All three song were mixed and mastered by Smart P who did a nice job working on these covers as well as the single (na so the tin go).

While the third track-  na so the tin go, was produced by Tha Suspect, who superbly combined the right sounds that syncs properly with the lyrics and vocals that serenaded the songs featured on both the mix tapes and of course the single.

VenomBarz is an act waiting to explode and I urge y’all fans of contemporary music, afro-pop and Naija hip hop to go download these trio of sounds, then make sure you listen, dance, love and share them!

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