Victims and Blames (street gist)

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Happy weekend to you. we hope you had a splendid week? although this week has been filled with lots of ups and downs. There’s been the issue of George Floyd and the rape cases.

So many talks on this issues even though this is not the first time things like this are happening in the world.

Do you know that rape actually dates back to the 10th century? It had actually began before then but it wasn’t seen as violence against the female gender until then.

Today, some say that indecent dressing is the major cause for rape on the female gender, while others say it is lack of sexual control and some say it is a mental illness. Let’s look at these issues one by one.

In ancient times, the dress pattern for African ladies was much revealing that some of the so called skimpy wears some of our girls put on today.

Yet men of those times had cultural respect for the female gender, especially due to traditional beliefs. It was seem as a major sin or disrespect to forcefully have sex with a woman, except she is your wife. This is from the African culture.

Now it is becoming alarming as men of these days even rape little children that are not developed in any way. This had been happening but it is becoming more rampant these days.

To the point of sexual control, this is another vital part to look into. There have been cases of a man that has a wife still raping another female. What could cause this one? hmmmmm…….

Then there’s the issue of mental illness. Some men are actually addicted, not to sex but rape. Some men’s fetish desires consist of the rape kind of sex. This is why sex props like the whip, cuffs, belt, mouth gag and many more are sold.

Who buys these things? Some women enjoy it as well as it is seen as a type of sexual fantasy, So then where and what is the problem gan gan?

There’s the part that nobody is talking about, lust. Lust is the drive behind all of these. in today’s world, there are many exploits and exposure to sexual desires and fantasy.

do you know that some married partners from the previous generations actually had some of these desires? they just weren’t daring like our generation and then it was seen as a sin to think about some sexual craziness, especially when religion stepped in.

now, men are driven with sexual lusts and fantasies and in their selfish mindset there’s this push to just do it. problem is, most ladies ain’t ready for some of these things.

especially porn, porn brings lots of impossibilities to the screen. These actors are paid to take sex to extremes. a female porn actor in an interview said porn isn’t the real world of sex and some times they sustain injuries.

This lust feeds on stuffs that are extreme. so men try to have those exploits with their partners but in the end they can’t get it. some ladies have actually had consented sex and almost died due to the extreme methods used.

sex is to be enjoyed but then for every good thing, humans would always have the urge to abuse it. Food gets abused and we become victims, drugs get abused and we become victims, we even abuse nature and still end up being victims.

in the end we are to blame and we end up being victims. there is no excuse of any sort to rape.

This is just a matter of sexual abuse and any abuse of any sort can never carry any valid excuse. So then, let’s enjoy the good in it, exploit some passions and desires but when it’s getting uncomfortable for the other partner it should be stopped.

Even sex therapist’s would tell a patient to watch sex educational videos and not porn because porn is addictive, unrealistic and in the end fatal.

so if you feel you need to spice up somethings in your sex life it is important that you seek help from well trained sex therapist’s. you can get them online, you can read books but understand that any of these should be stuffs that your partner would be comfortable with.

this article is also in the honour of every victim of rape. we hope that you heal and Enjoy the wonderful life ahead of you.

have a wonderful weekend, we would be dropping a sex education series soon. stay connected to Gbedustreet. Join us tomorrow as we would be discussing the racist topic in Honour of late George Floyd.

This is Gbedustreet, we got you covered and informed. Enjoy our weekend playlist and Enjoy your weekend.

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