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Hello wonderful reader, how has the beginning of the second half of this year been? How was the first half? I know somebody will say “abeg this year na bonus, make we no count am”.

Yes but the seconds don’t care what has happened, what is happening or what will happen, they keep counting.

So over to the topic we want to discuss today, this topic concerns every aspect of life as it concerns you.

First off, what is wait? Does being stuck to a place mean wait? This is because so many people actually stood still in the name of patience “waiting” for the right time. Now this leads us to the question, when is the right time?

A wise man once said “to everything, there is a season and purpose ” another wise man said “there might never be the convenient time for an action or step.

Let’s look at this; waiting for the right time and waiting for the convenient time are relatively close. Many people have waited till waiting became their lifestyle. Everything actually balls down to this question which most of us can’t truly answer and for those who answer, most answers are improper.

The big question when waiting is; WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Before you start up your career, what are you waiting for? In an interview with the CEO of Evaloaded, he said “i had these ideals but no money so then i had to explore my ideals to get money to run my vision”.

The most common reason to why dreams are killed is; waiting for the wrong option. Wait is good, wait is ugly, it depends on who is waiting for what?

Sometimes wait is persevering. Wait doesn’t mean stop trying, wait actually means keep preparing by trying.

A mathematics scholar won’t solve big maths problems by not attempting them. We win by failure. I was once interviewing a movie academy and when asked what their greatest fear was, most members and students said their greatest fear is failure.

For every successful brand or personality you see out there, there have been series of failures behind the scene. The reason why they didn’t give up was “they waited on their dreams”.

We go through some rough times in our lives and tend to forget or abandon our dreams claiming to be waiting for the right time to come before we start up and before you know it, the persons life is gone and the world loses another great treasure unexplored to the cold depths of the grave.

This is why late Dr Myles Monroe said the richest place on earth is the grave.

While you are yet to be there, keep attempting and pushing towards your dreams and visions. You want to write best selling books but don’t have the capital or don’t know the hows, start by volunteering to write articles. You want to be the next Martin Luther King Jr, start by stamding for what is right.

There is this popular story of a young man named Joseph in the Bible. He dreamt of being a leader but found himself as a slave. He sid not let the situations affect his dreams, rather his dreams affected his situations.

That is why he kept leading in wherever he was, even when he was in prison he was still the head. That is waiting! Not yet there but living like your dream.

When waiting its okay to relent, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be broken. The truth is that waiting pays. Yes it pays. When two people are on a race of destiny, rushing would be fine because you have gained speed ahead of others but you see the one who has taken time to know the pro’s and con’s would eventually lead in the end because nitro body’s doesn’t last all through the race and it makes speed reckless but experience and the right speed makes a winner!

You have gifts and talents, wait till you are processed properly so by the time you got the market, you are already a got cake.

Waiting pays but waiting is not being useless. While waiting for the miracle, be the miracle.

Thank you, i believe this article has helped enlighten you in the topic “Wait” have all the Best in life


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