Wakidy Banks Drops Some top Notch Vibes in “Replay”

by Jun 19, 2018New Releases


↓Download Replay by Wakidy Banks↓

Wakidy Banks is another fast rising Afro-hop Artist with deep vocals and lyrical dexterity as could be seen in this new solo effort of his – “Replay”.

Replay is a song with some NSFW lyrics but dope in every sense of the word, with additions from the lyrics of some top artist like RunTown (who I believe Wakidy is a fan of).

The clear and well laced out tempo mixed over a slow rhythm, could swing both ways as a party or club banger while still keeping its appeal as a hardcore love song.

The song also showcases the Artist’s strength- as a vocalist as well as a lyricist who’s got something to say, I especially loved the hook he employed towards the end of the song as he screams “you better than a sex toy”.

Replay was Produced by SOOFLASHY and promises to keep you thrilled and entertained while you gyrate to the heat this song packs.

Make sure you download the song and enjoy this effort from Wakidy Banks who I believe has more of this in the future to unleash!

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