“We don’t have Dope Rappers Spitting Hardcore again!”- Gidzeey

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Gbedustreet Media Crew caught up with Abuja based Rap Aficionado and REAL TALK crooner- Gidzeey, who spoke with us on many sundry issues as it concerns the industry, the state of hip hop in Nigeria, also his upcoming projects (most importantly his upcoming single titled “Mummy Why”) and so many other stuff regarding his career and the future of hip hop in Nigeria.

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In this chat, he made so many stunning revelations. He also believes that rappers in Nigeria needs to fix up their lives, and he is insists that “he aint no sellout and would stick to his genre of rap” see more…

Gbedustreet Media Crew: Tell us about yourself

Gidzeey: My names are Gideon Peters Attah AKA Gidzeey. I am from Kogi state, North Central Nigeria. My hobbies are listening to music, reading and writing and I am also a good fan of movies. : I reside in Abuja, Nigeria

Gbedustreet Media Crew: What’s the Inspiration behind your music especially as a hardcore hip hop Artiste?

Gidzeey: inspiration has always been, that, desire for the world to hear my voice, that alone has kept me going.  And I’m sure they will, someday, soon

Gbedustreet Media Crew: How has your music life been so far?

Gidzeey: Well so far, so good, despite the challenges we face as upcoming artistes, we still bless God

Gbedustreet Media Crew: What are your challenges?

Gidzeey: So many challenges, Man, Above all is funding and sponsorship. No one is willing to invest on any upcoming artiste anymore and that’s really bad you know. If you don’t have money as a recording artiste, you won’t be able to make new songs, promote them or do loads of other stuff.

Gbedustreet Media Crew: Can you tell us about your forthcoming projects, anyone to talk about specifically?

Gidzeey: Yeah,  I actually have a new song coming out by August 1st 2018. Titled “Mummy why” The song  is more like a mirror into an aspect of my personal life and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Gbedustreet Media Crew: So what prompted you to go with this song title- “Mummy Why?” ?

Gidzeey: I Know y’all may be wondering why I chose to tag the song “Mummy Why”, Let’s just say the song is more like a mirror into my personal life and what most people don’t know or rather tend to overlook about my once compromised persona.
Sit back and relax, it drops August 1st. So you can all feed your ears and heart with good music cause that’s literally all we do.

Gbedustreet Media Crew: Whats your take on the state of hip hop in Nigeria? do you think Rappers needs to fix up their lives?

Gidzeey: In this part of the world, hip-hop is not appreciated the way it should, why? Because most people tend to think that it is not our music, they feel it was adopted so they choose whether to attach importance to it or not. So anyone out there rapping wouldn’t be appreciated the way he or she should, simply because we all feel we can’t connect to such genre of music, so rappers took notice of the dull reception that the African market has given to rap, had no option but to sell out in order to survive as an Artiste. At the end of it all, you find out that we lose more and more of our rappers due to this belief, apart from MI Abaga, Jesse Jagz, maybe Vector or let me just shamefully add Iceprince;  we don’t have dope rappers spitting hardcore again, except you come to the underground which is also at risk of dying and hoping to commercialize if we don’t wake up. Every rapper wants to either be like Olamide or Falz, trying to add a little melody and drama to their stuff forgetting what real rap is all about. As for me and my squad, we don’t care if anyone accepts our Hip-hop, we gon do this and be in this rap game forever man, no selling out. Thanks for having me, hope i answered you.

Gbedustreet Media Crew: OK, Mr Gideon, Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Gidzeey: Where God wants me to be, but far better than my current position.

Gbedu street media crew: How can the people out there link up with you? 

Gidzeey: You can link up with me on social media.  Follow me on instagram @Gidzeey,  Facebook , @Gideon  Peters.  Thanks and one love.

You heard it all peeps, so follow this fast rising hip-hop act, and learn more about his progress as well as his ascendancy in the rap game, in this race to be amongst the most celebrated acts of the future.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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