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Wealthboy Big BABY Vibes EP cover Art

Wealth Music World top ace and one of the new and super talented acts to watch in the Nigerian Music Industry- Wealthboy, has released his debut EP and his first major project as a musical Artist and he calls it- BIG BABY VIBES.

The Extended Play (EP), comprises six tracks and features his chart-topping single- “Little Light” who by the way he has shot the music video for, and the video was directed by foremost music video director- De Genius.


The track comprises Six Tracks and below is a list of the reviews and you can download and stream the song as it is available on all major Digital Streaming & Distribution Platforms- Spotify, Deezer, Boomplay, iTunes, etc.

Stream & Download Big Baby Vibes on Boomplay

track one- LITTLE LIGHT produced by Bennys

This is a motivational track and it highlights the whole essence of the EP. Here, you can feel the profundity of inspirational lyrics and I must commend Wealthboy for the rich inclusion of top-notch vocals that complements the song. The track was produced by Bennys, who took it quite slow with the beats, pitch, and rhythm he employed on this song.

track two- JUJU produced by Bennys

JUJU is a love song that sees Wealthboy serenading his woman in an effort to woo her to his side. The song also assumes a very slow rhythmic flow and he also renders it quite soft to the pleasure of his listener, especially those who love songs created in this manner. Again, Bennys takes production credits, and I kinda loved his use of Afrocentric beast that aligns perfectly with the vocals laced by Wealthboy.

track three- Rule the World produced by Bennys:

“Wealth rule the world..”

A truly exceptional and inspirational song with well-laid lyrics that tells a story. Here, Wealthboy espouses his confidence and perseverance as he struggles amidst all the upheavals to rule the World.

The song is one filled with motivational lyrics and the combination of English and Yoruba, gives this song some originality and a vibe that rocks.

Bennys steps up yet again as the Producer of this song, while wealthboy really held his own with his sonorous voice.

track four- Ipe produced by Hemkay

Ipe was primarily done in Yoruba and a bit of English. The song takes a slow turn and gradually rises in crescendo, and you could feel the empathy infused by Wealthboy.

Hemkay produced the song and also lends his vocals to give the song the sophistication it exudes.

track five- Freedom produced by Bennys

Wealthboy goes conscious in this song, here he speaks of the dangers of police brutality especially as the #ENDSARS campaign once again takes precedence in National discourse.

You can feel him as he beautifully sings:

oya soro soke

motigbo soke

police o ! abeg free me na fresh I fresh I no kill peson!

… na fine I fine .. I no be criminal

Bennys once again takes production credits in this highly conscious, slow, and sensational song that tells the story of what being young and successful entails for an average Nigerian Youth.

track six- Selebo produced

Wealthboy adorns his loverboy persona yet again in this romantic and sensually enticing piece he christens – Selebo.

The track takes a different approach as it is rendered a bit faster than the other tracks on this EP.

Producer Benny handles this one albeit differently but still maintains the aura and style of the rest of the songs on this EP.


Big Baby Vibes in one helluva compilation, the entire serenity of the songs on this compilation is one so deep, conscious, Afrocentric, and superb.

The slow pace that Wealthboy infused in the entire rendition is so rudimentary an inspirational, and overly fulfilling to say the least.

I also loved the combination of various modes he enlisted, from- conscious, romantic, and motivational.

Kudos to the producers- Bennys and Hemkay; who ensured the uniformity and pitch-perfect combination of the most somber, slow, rhythmic, and conscientious beats, vibes, and pitch that characterized the entire EP.

Again, we end this by saying “nice one: Wealthboy, we see this as a stepping stone to greater things as you explore your creative juices as an Artist in the Nigerian Music Industry.

More power to your elbow and more fluidity to your vocals!

You can visit this page to stream and download BIG BABY VIBES from the service of your choice.

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Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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