Westlife vs Backstreet boys (back in da days)

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Okay its that time again where we get some memories from the past.

I understand that we wish we could delete some memories from our past and forget them totally but in the end, our memories are what makes us.

Especially when it comes to the emotional side of us, we try to become strong and bigger than tears but hey, its okay to cry out those heavy tears.

Better out than in…. I have come to learn that the ugliest memories had the most beautiful sides too. So let’s take out today to see those sweet times.

We are bringing you songs from the worlds favorite music bands, especially when it comes to love.

Oh, Westlife has got some wonderful songs that can melt a stone kind of heart and then backstreet boys will just sing and boom…… You are in love!

Enjoy this beautiful compilation of love songs from these two bands.

Backstreet boys – i want it that way

Westlife – swear it again

Backstreet boys – show me the meaning of being lonely

Westlife – Fool again

Backstreet boys – shape of my heart

Westlife – Queen of my heart

Backstreet boys – incomplete

Westlife – If I let you go

Backstreet boys – I will never break your heart

Westlife – Unbreakable

Woaw…. How was your ride through this playlist?
We trust that you felt something. Kindly share your feelings with us in the comments section below.

This is Gbedustreet, we got you entertained.


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