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by Feb 6, 2020Gbedustreet TV & Movies

This is a new day and happy new month to our esteem readers and subscribers Of Gbedustreet TV, On this new Edition of Wetin Eye Dey See For Lasgidi with our host Esther Gemma and co host Gouti.

Esther Gemma and co host Gouti on Wetin Eye Dey See

We will be dishing out in full details the things our Eyes Dey See For Lasgidi, Esther Gemma and the co host shed more light to and you guys can also bring up more discussion.

Gouti : Oluwa wetin dey occur, they beat my guy Zlatan ibile with his gang beat my guy Vic O.

Esther Gemma : Wetin your guy do ?

Gouti : I don’t know ooo

Esther : You suppose to know now

Gouti : as i hear the gist when Vic O dey cry with one eye, Oh lord, Vic O. no vex i am going to meet zlatan myself and ask him what’s up

Esther : You better run for your life

Gouti : they said they reach 8 ooo they just dey beat am from back to front

Esther Gemma : The other time it was Ruggedman and that was i think Naira Marley so why are these guys becoming Thugs or something, I’m so sorry but that’s the word ?

Gouti : I dont understand well i’ll still have to find out about that beating, but i dont know what vic o went to see zlatan for anyway

Today we’ll be talking more and more things that you wonder how it even came in to africa especially Nigeria

First things first we want to talk about homosexuals and lesbians

Esther : Gouti what do you think, i mean homosexuals and lesbians generally, your opinion because when you go to Oniru you’ll see this guys theyre now prostitute, they parade around like the way ladies do “normal lady prostitute” so what do you think ?

Gouti : You be guy, you leave Gemma you con dey eye me, I go blow your eye, I will blow your eye for you the way zlatan blow Vic O eye,

anyways that’s there business i don’t know how someone will wake up tomorrow and say i like a fellow guy.

Esther : i mean its a flesh thing as long as your skin is connecting to a skin you should be able to flex it

Gouti : No, I dont like that kind of flexing, so you people should flex your flex, its not my business (laugh) tomorrow now you will hear say Gunmen attacked Gouti and i managed to escape i dont have strength

Moving on guys we’ll be talking about things to expect once you’re in Lasgidi and you know its wetin eye dey see, your eyes have to see all these things and you can actually give your ear a bonus to hear this things.

Esther : So now when you’re in Lagos, you’re already in Lagos, the moment you enter Lagos, what are those things you crave for ?

Gouti : First of all i will once you’re in Lagos and you’ve not been Duped or they’ve not stolen anything from you, you’ve not been welcomed Yet (of course) no matter how wise you think you are or how careful you are, one day one day this people must do you strong thing and you confirm it and say “Welcome to Lagos” thats when you know you are really in Lagos.


Welcome back we are still on the on those things you see when you’re in Lagos, you think they’re natural and they are normal one of them is the so called National (NURTW),

Esther : Have heard of National, the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) ? you know those guys that run about and collect #500 from transport drivers, and conductors, they collect #50, #200 from bikemen, There’s a big uestion “What do they use those money for ?”.

Gouti : Funke (laughs)

They said they’re national and we hear this things all the time and we just see them as agbero but what is the money for ? i really want to know incase you’ve heard, you know there are so many background stories like the politicians hiring people “NO BE FOR MY MOUTH YOU GO HEAR SAY FOUL YANSH DEY RED” so i don’t know.

You guys need to tell us what is the money for ?
Where is it going to ?

Gouti : are you using it to fix our roads ?

I don’t think they fix road with them because the government allocate budgets for roads so that one is separate so we really need to know ?

With the way churches are the way churches go around with Loud speakers and its heartbreaking when you’re just waking and you hear “Praise” Brother calm down now,

You say na church is it suppose to be like that ? you know you see churches in a living environment where people live and they mount this big speakers outside, you cant even rest in your own house am a believer but lets contains the noise within.

its still pollution, it has to be noise its called noise pollution because if you can actually hear yourself and you want every other person to hear you and you are indirectly making the gospel look like a burden to me because if i am sleeping and you are shouting, i’ll say who is this mad man and even The Muslims the do it.

So in your area wetin dey sup ?
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