Wetin Eye Dey See “The Lockdown Edition Part 1”

by May 24, 2020News & Happenings

Welcome to new segment on Wetin Eye Dey See on Gbedustreet, as we are staying home and staying safe as directed by the Federal Government, the ease on some businesses and organisations are highly appreciated because Eyes have seen alot in the past lockdown and hearsay everywhere is not really funny at all.

As testifiers in the street of Lagos gives us in full details what they experience in the first 2 weeks of the total lockdown, stay home stay safe was the public slogan when the Federal Government of Nigeria announce there won’t be movement for 2 weeks, one of the daily market sellers that feeds on there daily earning said

“Walahi a cope rara, Ebi Pa!, Ebi pawa walahi ebi pawa, oku kama gbe abo lotoro ounje bayi ni, lockdown eleyi walahi ebi pawa, ebi to pa omo gan mio tie monkan ti mo tie leso, awon omo gan sun ekun, taba ti se ounje aro bayi wipe a manage lati se ounje, 2o’clock lama je ounje aro eyi toku tun di ale, emeji lanjeun lojumo, ebi pawa kijoba wa sanu wa, ebi pa kisa kisa siwa lara”.

Translation in English : ” To God we are not coping at all, hunger torments!, hunger really torment us to the extent that we almost beg for food, this lockdown hunger really torment us, even our children are hungry because i don’t even know what to say, the children are crying because when we cook in the morning, we eat morning food by 2pm, the rest is till night when hunger comes again, we eat twice in a day, hunger really torment, let the government have mercy on us because we really felt the wrath of these hunger.”

when ask what the Government can do she replied

“sebi won ni awon pin ounje?, awa den ri lori gbogbo e kaa kiri, lan ri lori TV wipe woni awon pin ounje, ounje o de odo tiwa oooo, awa ori ounje ooooo, aaari ounje ooo ni ikeja nbi bayi, ni bi ti awa ni ikeja aori ounje, agbado tan gbe ao ri ounje, aori nkankan ebi n pawa kosi ounje funwa rara oooo”.

Translation in English : ” we heard they share food right?, and we are seeing everything everywhere even on TV that they are sharing food, we didn’t receive any food at all, we did not see any food at all even as we are at Ikeja, we are not seeing any food, we reside at agbado, we are not seeing any food at all”

una don see as pipu dey take dey vex abi?
una see as pipu dey para?

is not a small something, is not a small something at all, i believe say everybody hear am even the rich and poor but the poor people na him suffer am pass as una see that woman as hin dey para, dey talk as e be for hin mind, e no easy, Government say make we stay inside house and yet pipu no see food chop dem no provide wetin pipu go take sustain, only the rich na hin e go well for what of the ones wey no fit afford wetin to eat wey be say before dem go eat, na wen dem comot everyday go hussle get one or two, so e no easy, pipu just dey for lockdown and nothing, okay now the state wey government say dem share rice tho dem say dem share rice everywhere but no be everywhere we see the rice, the ones wey even recieve the rice talk say the rice no good, say na rice wey don spoil na hin dem see from government, as in i no understand, anyway my pipu dis na wetin eye dey see on top Gbedustreet TV and dis na your boifrend Gouti on Duty, Yes una welcome back from coronavirus holiday, i no say e no been easy for everybody but e no get as e wan be we go survive, God go epp us pass dis palaba wey dey apun now.

Wetin Eye Dey See Lockdown Edition with Gouti on Duty

Una don notice say many pipu no even believe say Coronavirus dey exist in the first place especially in Nigeria, dem just dey hear gist dem dey watch TV dem dey see everything but word wey dey on for street for many pipu dey feel say omo dis coronavirus thing no even dey, i no know wetin u tink but woteva u tink just leave your comment for the comment section as e dey hot, yes naso e be but now coronavirus don cause plenty palaba everywhere we even hear say the pipu wey dem say dem catch, no make i no say dem catch dem the pipu wey dem notice say e get the virus wey dem test wey dem carry go the isolation center we even hear say some dey run comot from the isolation center, why?, we no know asin why dem dey run comot from the isolation center, shey hungry dey catch dem there abi dem no really get the thing gangan abi wetin dey sup? abeg if you know feel free to comment and tell us your own take on the matter.

Dis na wetin eye dey see and u know as e dey go now we go dey tell you all the gist, all the gist wey be like say e no clear, wey be like say e get as e be wey the thing be like say na kukere movement the way e be

now pipu dey yan say government dey use dis coronavirus tin dey chop money, say corona no dey. Una believe am ?

but we dey see tins, we dey see videos all over the world on wetin dey sup but dem dey say dis tin no dey Nigeria, na wetin pipu for street dey talk, me i no dey talk say e no dey but i just dey yan wetin pipu dey talk for street say government dey use this tin just dey collect our money dey chop, mehn e no easy but all the same i go like make we dey careful, make we dey careful out there because we no know as e be true true, make we no wait till you see who get am before you believe.

Stay tuned for The Lockdown Edition Part 2 as we give you in full details ontop wetin eye dey see for these Coronavirus lockdown Edition and other gist wey we go dey give una non stop.

you can watch the Lockdown Edition part 1 below

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