What comes next? (Part 1)

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Hello there! alot of things cloud our minds and probably our emotions too, especially in times like this.

Today I’m bringing you a very important and deep topic, although it’s a bit controversial but at the same time, it is something that a lot of young people must look into as it concerns the future.

This topic discusses our lives and decisions. It is often said that “a stich in time saves nine”and “a bird in hand is worth ten birds in the bush”.

We would be discussing three basic things on the path of Marriage.

Have you taken out time to sit back and ask yourself this question, “after love what’s next”? You see, the problem for most young adults is that we seem to want to be in the future but miss out on the importance of preparation.

First we are gonna be dealing on this issue with our ladies. So you are in love with this guy who is good looking, has plans for the future, responsible and you can already see a potential husband and father in him. Yes! What more could you possibly ask for?

Have you thought about what comes next?
There is love now but is there enough commitment for a relationship that can lead to the altar and beyond? Because it doesn’t stop at the vows, matter of fact the journey begins at the altar.

See, Relationships take a whole lot of sacrifices and commitments to keep it running. Are you really ready to sacrifice some part of the Normal you for this other person’s happiness?

The scriptures talk about a man and his wife leaving their families and becoming one. This means that some part of you would have to get reconstructed to be able to fit in the emptiness of your partner.

There is more to relationships than saying I love you, there is more to intimacy than having passionate sex, matter of fact true intimacy begins before sex.

Now this brings us to the major topic, what comes next?

You are a beautiful lady, hot beneath the sheets, great cook and every man’s desire but how about being more than a desire?

If he gets married to you because of these things that is fine but what’s next? What can you offer after the marriage?

Can you offer your will in submission? Can you offer your selfless love and time? Most importantly, would you be a liability or asset?

What can you contribute to the home? If he gets broken, what would you do? If he runs into depression, what would you do? When life gets tough for him, can you sustain the family affairs?

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Written By Ultimate Akpenyi

Ultimate Akpenyi is a passionate writer and a music artist. Born into a family of six, he loves controversial issues and also celebrates every kind of success. Keen in speaking about people and showcasing behind the scene lives of celebrities, we should be on the look out for him

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  1. Stecia

    This is quite apt, enlightening and educating. I will be visiting this page more often to get more of these talks.

    • Ultimate Akpenyi

      Thank you, we are happy to have you Stacia.

    • chinemere onuekwusi

      thanks Stecia we will be glad to always have you grace our pages.


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