What comes next? (Part 2)

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….continued from yesterday
If you have not read the part one, click on this link to read.

So we talked about some issues affecting many relationships and even marriages. This is a very serious topic to be looked into, I mean, very serious.

Just the other day, I watched a movie where ladies shared their experiences. One amongst them caught my attention and it was the case of a woman who loved writing and aspired to be a writer but her husband kept talking her down.

He kept discouraging and threatening to divorce her if she chooses to continue on the career and even when she finished writing the book, she brought it to him with love, hoping he would read it and have a change of heart.

Rather he refused to read it and forbade her from publishing it. This was not because of the financial expenses to be made, because they are both financially ok but just because some men cannot stomach the feel of having their wives becoming public figures.

This is what alot of ladies go through in the hands of men because they never really considered that they were getting into a prison cell and then they failed to choose their cell mates properly.

Men, learn to be supportive and encouraging to your partner. If you feel her course of career might affect her morality, you can guide her through and help her stay on track.

For the men, now get this!
So you love the way she cooks for you, the way sh gets down in the bedroom, the way she looks, her curves and all. So you start making up your mind to wife her.

Hmmmm…. Brother, calm down. Yes! Hold your horses. What have you got to offer as a husband, father and family member to her?

You have the looks, you have a good job, money no be problem. Have you really got something to keep the family together and running?

I once discussed with a friend who wanted a guy to propose to her by all means and I asked a one question; “how many books on Marriage and relationships have you studied”?

The same goes for you as a man, how much do you know about being a successful husband to your wife and a father to the babies?

How much pressure can you handle? Women are naturally created to give pressure, even Sarah in the Bible pressurized Abraham till he finally did what she wanted.

So how much pressure can break you? How willing are you to bend a little just for peace to reign?
What can you do when solutions fail?
What happens when all options are not working?

Would you still be there for better for worse? I have seen loving husband’s turn to monsters when life turned sour.

No! This is the time to prove your love and commitment. An Adage says “strong man, strong man, it is when you are attacked suddenly we would know if you really are strong”.

I have also seen cases of men standing up for the family even at times the wife would run off, due to too much frustrations but the man would stand and struggle till the end.

So before you begin this journey, ask yourself those questions, make your research, get informations, attend seminars if need be.

Discover yourself and start working on yourself before you search for the help mate for your life.

That’s right, she’s your help mate not slave or burden ass. So understand that she is coming to help you through the rest of life’s tasks and missions.

I hope this had educated you and prepared you for the future? I remain your buddy Ultimate. Have a great lifetime.

This is Gbedustreet, we got you covered.

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