WHAT IS CHURCH? (a Sunday to remember)

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Today I’m talking about something from our struggles, especially towards those in the Faith.
It has become a normal routine for Christians to step out on Sundays and go to church in the morning. Some youths are usually in one department or the other in church, could be the choir, protocol, sanitation, traffic unit, prayer band, media and others.

Confident African American woman points to a scripture in her Bible while leading a Bible study discussion group. A diverse group of men and women are sitting in a circle.

Now here’s the big topic I have observed and I hope we get to see the picture as vivid as possible.
In an average church today, we have over a hundred members coming to church per Sunday and we all come together in the name of worship.

Do we know that some persons couldn’t make it to church because they have been broken up in many ways and parts. A Pastor once said “the church ought to be where we come to release ourselves but problem is that we are too packaged, we have been up tight through out the week at work and we still come to church being up tight”

This is true as in today’s world, it’s alot for a human to be normal and matter of fact, many humans don’t live normally because in the world today, the abnormal has now become the norm.

So some of us go to bed suffering lots of disappointments, pressure and shame. for some brothers and sisters in the church, coming to church is just so that I can greet some friend’s at church, for some it’s just because they grew up always going to church on Sundays and so it’s now a norm and for others they have tried to believe in the Faith system but yet got beaten many times by the waves of life and so they gave up on Church.

First of, I would like to bring us to the understanding that according to God’s mind, the church is not a place where we come to look at the pastor and hear what he has to say. It’s is originally a place of fellowship, where we come to fellowship with each other.

Rub minds with our brothers and sisters, share love and smiles. Your smile and love to a person in church can be all that person needs to be able to be free in Church and thereby open to what God has in store for him or her.

Problem is, just as a Pastor once said “the church has become over packaged and too orderly that we miss out the importance of humans coming together in fellowship”. Everyone is coming with that straight face, holier than thou, tongue speaking and religious mindset.

Hand to hand holding connect relationship

I have seen young people prefer going to the club house or hanging out with the street guys than being in the presence of the churchy people. We all ought to extend a hand of love to everyone not just to that brother or sister you are crushing on but everyone!

So there’s this short story about a man who makes a mistake in Church and he’s being scolded by the church members, elders and even the pastor would turn him to the next Sundays topic then in his despair he walks into a bar, he isn’t used to this and from his nervous system response, he mistakenly falls down the beer bottle.

those around rush towards him, they check if he’s ok, the waitress holds out a loving hand and makes sure he is ok, the people see that he’s suffering from some emotional problems and they try to cheer him up. The waitress smiles beautifully at him and she cleans up the mess, someone buy him another drink and advises him to take life easily.

Now, if you were in his shoes where would you go to next time you feel down? You see this is part of why the church is losing souls and people troop to the club houses and bars just to get some sense of belonging.

I end this up by saying we need to observe and see that fellowship is not sitting and gathering together, it is helping your falling brother or sister in Christ to carry their cross. Yes we all have our struggles but if we all can be like this to each other, our burdens would be eased and fellowship would become true.

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