What killed Mr May D’s career? (celebrity hangout)

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Akinmayokun Awodunmila is a popular artist, known as Mr May D.
He was very busy in the music industry during the year 2011 to 2015.

He was first signed to Square Records, home to P-SQUARE then. Although it is possible to say he had a very short stay as he was later dropped off the deal just a year and some months after the deal.

In 2011 he released “soundtrack” a song that made it to the top of Music charts in the country and then he released “Ile Ijo” one major hit that time. After the drop off, he launched his record label “CONFAM ENTERTAINMENT” and released “Gat me high”.

For most of his fans, songs like “Gat me high”, “So many tins”, “Get down” and “Ibadi” were the best songs during the time of his reign.

Somehow, after his music video to “Ibadi” was banned for indecent images, May D’s career started dropping fast.

Although he later featured top acts like Davido and Akon in “hustle” a song he released in 2016, the song barely made it to the top 20 charts.

He has been releasing songs since then and released one with wizkid which kind of brought him out Abit but he couldn’t last.

Early this year, he released “time for you” in February. Alot of music fans barely know about this song.

What really affected him?
The management plan was not tight, his team lacked the strength to keep his content up and running.

As an artist, you need more than just talent to stay up. If you lack the right team members, then you can barely stay on top.

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Enjoy this collection of his top hits

May D – Soundtrack

May D – Ile Ijo

May D – Gat me high

May D – So many tinz

May D – Ibadi

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