WHO CAN SAVE NIGERIA? (a cry from motherland)

by Feb 15, 2020News

A very big issue on the mind of citizens of our dearly beloved country! We can go into details of how Nigeria began back in 1100 BC when this country only consisted of settlers and then kingdoms like the Kingdom of Nri, the Benin Empire and the Oyo empire sprouted up but then what started up back then is right now about to be torn apart by ethnic differences and worse ” Religion “.

I can start by saying that the Government are not standing up to their responsibilities and that is why Democracy which ought to give the people freedom, rights and peace has rather been disgraced and brought to zero significance in this beautiful country but that’s just one part of the problem.

In Nigeria today we see lots of controversies being thrown back and forth even between the Government and kingdom rulers. Tension fills the air and many citizens no longer have a place to call home any longer.
Promises upon promises by new aspiring Government rulers but when they get the Crown, the promises are thrown aside.

In Nigeria today we have wealthy people and the government officials at the top keep sweeping away lots of finances meant for economic and infrastructures development and barely anything serious is been done concerning this, rather we see displays all-over just to make it seem like things are being dealt with. Someone steals a cup of Garri from the market and frustrated co-citizens would implement jungle justice but these same people would sheepishly chase after political rulers and wealthy persons no minding the fact that their bloods are being used for exchange on the money market.

A lady kills a husband and is condemned to death by hanging but members of a terrorist group that have burnt and hacked humans to pieces and caused sorrow all over the country are arrested, detained and finally released upon so called repentance. Can’t we see that the judgmental factor of this great country has entered into the hands of manipulators?

Roads are destroyed beyond usage and someone boldly says “Nigeria roads are good”. Educational certificates become close to empty papers as Jobs are scarce and even the available ones are by connection based manipulations.

So many times, questions came up on how to have a better country and everyone is fed up off promises because it seems it gets worse with every attempt to make a change or even manage the situation. Motherland cries out in sorrow and tears as her children are being fed to the land beyond on a daily and the ones struggling to live are in bondage of their rulers and self desires.

In Tekno’s hit single BETTER, he prays for a better Nigeria and I Know you also pray too but one day will come and maybe, just maybe someone will arise and sweep away those that don’t want the future to begin.

for now we at Gbedustreet TV pray that one day e go better. enjoy this one from TEKNO – BETTER

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