Why Artist’s don’t stay on top (Exclusive On Gbedustreet)

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Don’t mind me but this article is targeted mainly towards music artist’s all over the world.

In today’s music world, the neighbor next door could be the next biggest Artist and boom we got another star on board. As an artist, what can you do to stay on top?

The competition is high and rising, underground there’s the new guy that’s coming with something better than what we look up to.

This was how artist’s like Oxlade, Rema, Fireboy and Omah lay came through and before you now it, they start taking over the scenes.

In the foreign music scene, There were guys who thought they had the industry to themselves alone. I remember Drake saying something like “So get it while you are here boy, cus next year ain’t gonna be the same boy”.

having the talent to sing or rap isn’t all that’s gonna keep you running, ask artists like Eldee the don, Faze, Ruggedman, Ice Prince and others.

I stand corrected but I do know about one Artist that manages to come through with new songs that would at least make it to the top music chart list and he has been on this for over a decade.

It’s no one else but WANDE COAL. Somehow he still got the clubs banging with his vibes, somehow his material can still compete in the market.

This is because he did some stuffs which I’m gonna share with you in this article.

Be Versatile
Most times as an artist, you should know that you are not singing to please yourself but your fans. This is why Record labels can record over 50 songs only to select 10 for the album and that’s it.

your fans can come and leave easily… I mean just like that. You got to know what they love amongst your jams, follow the vibe and bring more which leads us into the next tip.

Be creative
it’s a big problem for you not to be able to create new sounds and still feel to big to buy songs and ideals.

Wizkid keeps occupying the people’s hearts because just when you think he is fading off the music radar he comes with a new mixture that blows off the norm.

You got to be creative with sounds, I mean how can you keep your audience when they keep hearing the same thing?

Change your style Abit
note that I stated it to be “abit”not frequently. it is important that you give your fans something new to love about your look and one big secret is that new looks bring new attention and revives old attentions from your fans.

Look at Korede Bello now, he looks different but still like him and wow, his new look has given him a big man brand rather than the baby most fans saw him as.

Work hard
In one of my poets I wrote “you don’t pitch slaves against Kings and expect the rulers to lose”When we hear work hard, all that comes to our minds is sleepless nights and stressful days.

the question should be, what have you achieved or what have you done with those sleepless nights? Work hard means to push beyond your limit. Know your limits and break them.

There are people who enjoy their rest Time, go on good vacations and yet make so much impact than the one who works all 20hrs daily.

Why? Work is actually in the mind and not the stress. Sort out new vibes, you might not know how to flow with it but try to and you can, Try something totally challenging for you, now that’s working smart.

Be Open to ideas
When you can understand the people, you can flow with them well. As an artist, you need to find a way to carry everyone along. So it’s vital you listen to them.

Okay so that’s it for today on the street gist on Gbedustreet. For more info on becoming a successful artist, do well to contact us. We can get you beyond your dreams.

Have a wonderful weekend! this is Gbedustreet, we got you covered and entertained.

I remain your personal padi, Ultimate Akpenyi.

© Ultimate Akpenyi

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