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Hello there, How has life been? no matter how it has been, life is a promise and chance for a better day. Today we are discussing on the topic; WHY DO WE LOVE?

okay so there are lots of reasons why a guy would walk up to a girl and say I love you and the same goes for the ladies but here’s the question, “Why do we love?”

Do we love because there’s an empty space in our hearts and we think we need someone to fill it up? Do we love because ever other person is in love? Do we love because there’s this hurt in our hearts and we want to get over the pains by having a new partner?

You see, there are many reasons why alot of people fall in love and like Ed Sheeran wrote in his song “thinking out loud”, he wrote “people fall in love in mysterious ways”.

There are many ways we fall in love, for some it’s by first sight for others they have to see a million times and ten thousand signs before the fall in love, while some bend for a long time before finally falling in love. (lol)

The thing is that love itself has a kind of strange force. We might not totally figure out everything but then we must know why we want to be in love in the first place.

To love is more than just saying words or buying gifts, it means seeing the thorns on the rose flower and still pick it up with all our hearts….

I’m going to state out a few things to look out for to be sure you are in love.

No.1 Care
It is normal for a Human to care about the other person but when the care becomes deep and frequent then there’s a possibility that you are in love.

When you start getting worried over the other person’s well-being, you want to be sure the person is ok and mostly can’t be comfortable if the person isn’t happy with you then there’s a possibility of love hovering around you.

No.2 Giving
Over the years and centuries, giving has been known to be a major way of expressing love or interest. Don’t get me wrong, giving doesn’t totally mean there is love because some gifts are baits (ask the fishes).

Truth is that somehow, if you can freely give to the other person and be happy about it or you see something nice and you want to get it for him or her then you are bending to fall in love. smiles

No.3 Trust
You can’t truly love someone you don’t trust. If you think you are in love and can’t trust the person then it’s not even love you feel, it’s something else.

I’m not saying there won’t be doubts sometimes but love would cover up the doubts because there is trust. so if you trust him or her then love is probably knocking on the door.

No.4 Hurt but forgive
When you love someone and the person hurts you, it really touches you. Especially for the ladies, he might not even know why you are angry with him over something he thinks to be casual until you tell him.

This person hurts you and somehow you can’t understand why you are so angry with him or her but the beauty is that you can’t help but forgive. Hmmmm Love oh, Love oh, lovuu nwantiti

No.5 Being Vulnerable
A popular singer in her lyrics wrote “You broke my walls and I love you for it”. We all have our high walls of defense around our hearts, we don’t want to let people in but then there’s this person that comes in and pulls off all our defenses.

Strangely you just find yourself becoming vulnerable around this person, at first you are scared and then with time you become totally defenseless. This person already knows your highs and lows, your cries and smiles, your failures and secret addictions.

you even become like a child around this person, you unknowingly open up your forbidden secrets and flaws and the sweet part is that this person sees you completely and loves you the more, never holding any of your mistakes against you or taking advantage of your vulnerability. (except in za Oda room) winks

Hmmm, brother, sister…. congratulations you have finally fallen in love with your back on the ground and your heart is saying “we die here”.

love is beautiful, love is toxic, love is addictive. In one of my poets, I wrote that “Love is like the ocean, calm to those standing on the beach, Dangerous and rough to the newbies but if you can struggle past the wave and go deeper, you would run out of breath by the enormous beauty of the oceans glitter”

Be sure you truly love someone before getting into a relationship. Don’t hurt yourself by wrong decisions. Stay loved and find happiness first before looking for love because love might not fill your emptiness, it might just frustrate your emotions.

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I remain your writing padi, Ultimate Akpenyi. lemme go and hug somebody. winks

© Ultimate Akpenyi

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