WinnerBoy Drops Hot Jingle- “Our Choice” Dedicated To Sir Colins Rich

by Jul 6, 2018Naija hip hop

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WinnerBoy takes his #HIGHLEVEL movement a little top notch as he drums up support for Philanthropist, socialite and politician- Sir Ezenwa Ilo aka Sir Colins Rich; in this hot political jingle he titles- Our Choice.

A song dedicated to the latter, as he decides to seek the mandate of his people in the upcoming political dispensation , hereby throwing his hat in the political ring to test his popularity and acceptance, especially as an agent of change and progress.

Our Choice is a track that assumes a fast tempo, dropped in quick succession and spiced up with the right blend of sounds that involves our boy WinnerBoy showcasing his vocal abilities in a manner that leaves you in awe and bewilderment, while the Pay crooner gives you another side of him many never knew existed.

Sir Ezenwa Ilo a.k.a Colins Rich, going by the lyrical narratives as espoused by WinnerBoy– is a man who has the interest of his people at heart . One who’s got the four aces and has the wherewithal to make that desired change. Not your typical Naija politician who makes so much noise and propaganda with no tangible achievement to show.

The track give you a sneak peak of the enormous talent WinnerBoy is endowed with, which was quite evident in the manner he made the transitions from vocalist, then back to the lyricist we all know him to be. While Dropping dope rhymes and verses that complements the theme of the song.

Our Choice was produced by Amazing Beatz, then inadvertently mixed and mastered by IAMMAXINMIX, with both men putting their deft touches to good use in baking the right sound that ushers in this jingle, arousing the political consciousness of the listener, who gets to nod and dance to the rhythm of the song.

One thing I especially loved about the track is the order he enlisted in parsing the message of progress and stability, not forgetting the gusto and dexterity he displayed, jumping on the track and syncing with the fast beats as well, ensuring that his rhyming pattern checks out. Then concluding his delivery without distorting the message the song professes

This is the period of politicking, so therefore, I urge y’all fans of WinnerBoy and his genre of music to go download, listen, share and dance to this beautiful piece of sound suitable for all ages and interests. Hear him ” na im be our choice o! Ezenwa na our choice o! we go give you our support o!

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