YOUNG PEOPLE & CULTISM (by Miss Cherish)

by Jul 16, 2020Entertainment Extras

Indeed we are young, we experience certain feelings; Love, hate, fear, pressure, sadness. We cry, we laugh, we fight, we get angry, we sometimes decide to cut out of the world and just be in oblivion…

Youthful exuberance where some of us just want to be hailed “baba o” “man on top” “baba for the girls”, some wants to be acknowledged and feel part of a gang, a team. At this point most of us take drastic decision, steps we will definitely regret, a story we may never get to tell because of certain decisions we took while we were younger, some lived to tell the story and some died before the story could end. You can’t blame us, we are young we just want to go astray and be disobedient sometimes so we don’t listen.

Our parents strive, work day and night, we think they don’t understand us, think they don’t know what we are going through, I once said “Fuck my mom, her time is not my time let me just see small” and ended regretting it. Parents yes wants the best for their children, but what of those without parents to guide them, those that needed a father to explain why he woke up with an erected penis or the ones that needed a mom to tell her about the boy that asked them out?? We can’t be fully blamed for the rubbish we do sometimes, we can’t always be the reason why we one day went to that corner to smoke Indian hemp or buy 100 naira weed from mallam Musa… Certain mistakes we make, certain feelings sometimes are not all our fault, BUT WE HAVE THE CHOICE TO TURN OURLIVES AROUND.

Steven was 12 years when he lit his first cigarette, he had a single mom with no dad and she always left him alone with his cousin who secretly smoked. Steven all alone at home, bored, tired, lonely, kept moving around the house looking for what to do, he decided to go to a friend’s but he was not home. He got to his cousins room, opened the drawer and saw 3 sticks of cigarettes left from the pack and knew immediately what it was, he decided to give it a try and after coughing from the first 3 puffs, he liked he, decided to take more and he was so happy cos now he feels like a big boy, he feels like Obadiah his cousin, in him he already was a graduate of unilag at the age of 12 his mind was already jingling from excitement (you can’t blame him, he experienced what adults experience) since then his whole self changed and he kept repeating this when he was home alone, being disobedient and now using words like “dem papa wan die na”… He had a fight one day after school in ss2 and a group saw him and loved his whole werey lifestyle, they decided to help him win the fight, again he felt like he belonged to a gang.

We all know the gang was a cult group(anonymous) and so did Stephen, some of his friends joined and they all felt like Muhammad Ali, breaking bottles and people being afraid of them. He left home and started living with Junior in a small kiosk, bringing in girls and supposedly living the good life. A day came and there was a rivalry fight and while breaking bottles and cutting ears, Junior was killed, Steven really wanted to help him but they had to leave his body there cos the police came, he was his closest “geng”, and he could not help him. Fast forward, Steven was now 26 and did not further his education he kept thinking and remembering Junior and it took him 3 years after Juniors death to realize nobody in that gang was truly his friend, they could live him behind, nothing to support him and nowhere to go… Steven decided to leave but now he could not, he was not allowed to, but his cult group and rival groups knew him and were after his life but he was still tired of the life he was living and kept running. Let’s leave the story this way.

Now can Steven be blamed, can we say its all his fault, is this because he was left at home alone that day? That one mistake changed his life completely but he knew, he knew he could change it but decided not to thinking he was chopping life and it ended terribly for Steven, it took him years before he could leave and he still regrets his actions, Steven lived and now has 3 children but most people don’t survive, Junior didn’t.

Cultism is the most common youthful thread in our society, to be feared and respected is a wonderful feeling, to say a thing and everybody listens, some only find cultism as the only means to be all those and more but its never worth it, cultism is not a mistake, it’s a well known decision and the excuse of “It was a mistake” is a big lie. Sometimes its peer pressure, due to their myopic condensed minds they want people to also go astray so they don’t feel alone.. Not just neglection, other circumstances can lead to a person going into cultism; quest for power or social identity, revenge, emotional instability, wealth, drug abuse and all the rest.

Let’s now stick to making our society better, cultism has brought about a major change in our society, brought about fear. I have the right to own property so nobody has the right to stop me with a knife and ask for my own or anything of mine. It does more bad than good, its ruining our society, our schools too, its now normal for a 15 years old boy to act 35. One day, all this will change, things will be eradicated and we’ll get rid of these spoiling our society.

Written By Ebenezer Sheyi

Unserious sheyi is a poet, a writer who started blogging as a career in 2013 at sheymmansblog. He is also a social/digital media strategist who loves exploring the internet while finding new ways to make it a better place.

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