Youths on protests (street gist)

by Oct 17, 2020News & Happenings

Humans are created to want safety and assurance of peace but even these beautiful and calm creatures could be the most violent species on the planet Earth when being pushed.

It is off no news that the security system in Nigeria is almost as good as dead and then the little glimpse of hope the people ought to have are now the very nightmares of the youths.

Don’t get this wrong. There are policemen in this country Nigeria, who are selfless servants of their country and people but then it’s coming said that there is always a bad Apple.

Thing is that this bad Apple has affected so much of our protective force. Women have cried and even lost their lives due to a so called special anti robbery squad.

After allot of protests, the news came like a good one; that the SARS has been ended only to see that it was actually a bait for worse.

Then the police too who ought to protect lives have gone into destroying lives. I have always heard about power controlling people but now it’s more evident and apparently it’s the fault of leaves who put weapons in the wing hands.

Could it be for their selfish desires or that they just don’t care whatever happens?

The killings and torturing has become so sickening for the young adults and everyone in concern to bear. These dates there’s been ceaseless displays of peaceful protests against these brutalities.

Instead of actually doing something, the best they could come up with is that universities should resume, in a bid to dissolve the protests. In the older days, whenever things like these came up, schools were closed down but now it’s the reverse.

Worse is that some protesters are actually being killed. Why? They only just wanted better lives. It is a pity to our fatherland and a shame to humanity, that seeking better living becomes a serious offense.

We sincerely hope that the government would actually resolve this or better, dissolve this. We just want a peaceful Nigeria, well governed and liveable.

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