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YS INCREDIBLES is a group that comprises of the trio of wonderful lyricists and vocalists who complement one other, and they make an impression in this well thought out song they titled – TRUE STORY. A song with a profound message, matched with the right lyrics and delivered with the very best vocals, story telling style.

TRUE STORY is a track that talks about the struggle and hustles involved in building a successful career path, especially in a society that has no room for lackeys and never do wells- who wait in the wings for freebies and free meals. Here, they narrate the meaning of fighting back even when the tide is running against you, I specifically loved the wonderful chemistry between the trio, you could feel the purity of the song that resumes quite slowly with nice vocals, ushered in by nice beats, dropped over a well orchestrated lyrics that highlights the theme of the song.

The track was produced by IY Zeal who did quite a nice job enlisting cool beats, nice tempo infused with the right harmonics, to give the auditory nerves the best of sounds to enjoy. I kinda felt through the clarity that the song boasts of even with this easy but top notch production.

YS INCREDIBLES shone through this track, dropping hot and racy punch rhymes backed up with dope poetic verses that sounded quite biblical and true, TRUE STORY is a song that stays contemporary yet trendy in every sense. A song that could swing both as a semi-gospel as well as a song for the yuppies, mommas, poppas and just about any audience with good ears for good music. You can feel the impact of the vocals and lyrics , hear this:

…”nobody wanna talk about, nobody wanna hear your story, nobody wanna see your face
baba GOD na your hand we de o…


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