Yusuf Alonso Spits Fury in “Binu”

by Sep 26, 2018Naija hip hop

↓Download “BINU” By Yusuf Alonso”↓

Yusuf Alonso is a fast rising indigenous Hip Hop act blazing the trail in this genre of the industry, and drops some hot lyrics filled with highly incensed verbal clap backs and poetic semantics and he calls this one- ” BINU”

Binu is a Yoruba phrase which translates thus as “Anger” ; a track that resonates the whole body as you listen to Yusuf pour out his tirades, story style, albeit pacy, but steady as he flows with the tide of fury and lyrical creativity.

I specifically loved the poetic combo of both Yoruba over some English, then the chemistry he exuded with the tempo and flawless delivery he enlisted while the beats were in play. I daresay that this dude has all the attributes to give the likes of OlamideCDQ and other top hip hop heads killing it big time in the indigenous rap scene for almost a decade now.

The track was produced by Noble Mix Production, who did a beautiful job in keeping the song in steady flow with contemporary naija flavored hop tempo, one that speaks volumes and sensually enticing to the listener, even as you tap and dance to rhythmic harmonics this track packs.

So I urge y’all fans of indigenous rap to go feel this and ensure you download and share to spread the love and the flow. I think it’s time a new Street King is crowned.

↓Download “BINU” By Yusuf Alonso”↓

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